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Company Auditions 

May 21st & May 22nd
 *Exact times sent out in audition packet*

Interested in joining our competitive youth company?

Pre-register for auditions now by completing the form below.

Once completed we will send you additional information including: audition times and other information about our company! 

We welcome dancers of ALL ages and experience to join our company family!

Some FAQ:

What ages do we accept and are boys allowed?

 We start company training at the age of 3 all the way to 18. YES, we do currently have boys on our company!

How many days on average do our company dancers train during the week?

It depends on their age! Some come as little as 2 days a week and others come up to 4 days/week! 

How many weekends do our dancers rehearse each month?

This also depends on the dancer, usually no more than 2-3 weekends AT MOST. We do acknowledge all major holidays and integrate rehearsals into class weekday schedules to allow our dancers more weekends off!

Do we require company members to attend summer classes/camps?

YES! Our requirements over summer are VERY flexible. We like for our dancers and families to enjoy their summer break. We do provide a variety of camps and classes at discounted rate for company members that we encourage our dancers to attend! 

Do we allow our dancers to do a solo or duet/trio?


Do we offer multiple levels within our company?

Yes! We offer PRODIGY Company, ELITE Company, COMPETITIVE Company

COMPETITIVE company is an introduction for the beginner and younger dancers. (1 competition routine)

ELITE company is more intensive training for the intermediate/advanced dancer. (2 routines)

PRODIGY company for the serious/advanced dancer committed to their training. (3+ routines)

Do we work around dance team schedules?

YES, we do work around middle school and high school dance team schedules! In fact, many of our dancers do BOTH dance team and company. Dance Team dancers are allowed to be on ANY of the 3 levels of our company depending on the time they are able/willing to commit!



**If you have a scheduling conflict for the day of auditions, please state conflict in the open text box on the form below. We will reach out to you for a makeup audition date**

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